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Last updated on July 31st, 2017 at 05:31 am


Things To Do In Tauranga


This website was created for people who love Tauranga. Whether you live here or are visiting, finding things to do now, comes easily. We have collected a lot of the best FREE things to do in Tauranga and have spread them round the website for you to look at and discover.

In time, we will be continually adding all those extras.

Looking for a place to stay? Or somewhere to go and get a bite to eat? All those fun activities, both indoor and outdoor will soon be featured here on this website also.

We hope you find enjoyment, fun and excitement here in this beautiful city. There is much on offer, be it free or costing you a little something. Forever and always, we would be delighted for you to create memories based on something found here!

Enjoy and spread the Love throughout Tauranga!