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Exploring Tauranga, New Zealand

Things To Do In Tauranga

Last updated on December 10th, 2017 at 04:08 am

Welcome To Tauranga City


Tauranga has become a very popular lifestyle and tourism destination in the North Island of New Zealand. Boasting numerous attractions and activities, finding things to do in Tauranga is plentiful.

Featuring many natural attractions and stunning scenery, Tauranga is also home to some of New Zealand’s most popular beaches and harbour environments. Throughout the wider Tauranga, you can also experience the lush bush-clad mountains through walking tracks as well as the wonderful waterfalls and lakes.

It is through what this city has to offer that makes it such a beautiful place. As one of New Zealand’s sunniest cities, the Tauranga weather tempts you with outdoor fun. With such an abundance of things to do, creating wonderful memories in this beautiful city comes easily.


Things to do in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa


Tauranga is often thought of as having three main centres. Although not particularly true, these three centres have become popular due to their own attractions and activities.

Primarily, we’re about attractions, activities and all things to do in Tauranga. But given just how popular this city has become, we have dived deep into what makes this wonderful city tick.


Tauranga City

The city of Tauranga is the most populous city in the Bay Of Plenty region. Now ranking as the 5th largest city in New Zealand. Here are a few attractions Tauranga is well known and popular for:

  • Shopping in the CBD, known as ‘downtown Tauranga’
  • Nightlife
  • The Strand
  • It’s Premier park known as Memorial park
  • McLaren Falls Park and camping ground


Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui was once a small independent town set apart from Tauranga until the completion of the Tauranga Harbour Bridge in 1988. As the bridge was completed, Mount Maunganui was then united with the Tauranga CBD, allowing for a more easier and convenient flow to and from.

There are plenty of things to do in Mount Maunganui and is widely known for it’s very popular and famous:

  • Mt maunganui beach, having been voted most popular
  • Pilot Bay
  • Shopping
  • It’s lifestyle
  • The towering mountain, ‘Mauao’.



Papamoa has become Tauranga’s largest suburb, with a population of 20,091 from the 2013 census. This great suburb has been and still is, growing very rapidly. With housing, schools and shopping centres popping up all over the place.

Papamoa always has been well known for being an awesome holiday destination and has become popular due to it’s:

  • Wonderful white sandy beach that stretches for 16km.
  • Great surf
  • Excellent beach fishing.
  • Papamoa Hills walking track.


Explore Like A Local – Discover all the the wonderful things to do in Tauranga


Discover, experience and take home with you memories worth cherishing. Find here plenty of fun things to do in Tauranga, take a look around and discover what tempts you the most.

Also, a special thanks to the Tauranga City Council for maintaining and providing the public with so many wonderful attractions and activities for us all to enjoy.


Things To Do In Tauranga
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Facts and Information about Tauranga, New Zealand


Tauranga is the largest city in the Bay of Plenty and is now the fifth largest urban area in New Zealand, surpassing Dunedin. The population of Tauranga city currently sits at 128,200 people as of 2016, according to¬†Statistics New Zealand. Tauranga had a 14 percent rise in population between the 2001 and the 2006 census. It was this population growth that allowed Tauranga to become New Zealand’s 5th largest city.

We all know Tauranga has become one of New Zealand’s main hubs and a desirable city to live. It’s business and international trade has surged throughout recent years, contributing to it’s growth. The culture, fashion and lifestyle are just as attractive.

Part of this growth is also due to the Port of Tauranga, which is New Zealand’s largest port. Not only in size but also in terms of total cargo volume. The port is second largest in terms of container throughput.

People have come to love the whole environment, nature and culture of this wonderful city. Discovering that the bay is a beautiful place to live, it satisfies and ticks all the right boxes. Finding things to do in Tauranga is easy, as there are plenty of natural attractions and activities we all love to enjoy.

If you’re looking to drive out of Tauranga, here are a few distances to some popular cities in the North island.

  • Auckland – 206km
  • Hamilton – 107km
  • Rotorua – 86km
  • Wellington – 548km


Tauranga Population

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