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Tauranga New Zealand

Last updated on January 11th, 2019 at 06:34 pm

Tauranga New Zealand

Nestled within the Kaimai Range is this absolutely stunning city. Tauranga New Zealand brings forth a wide range of Activities and Attractions where there is something suitable for everyone.

Tauranga has grown exponentially in a wide variety of ways and continues to do so. As the countries fastest growing city, Tauranga New Zealand has become known and popular due it’s laid back lifestyle while fulfilling New Zealand’s outdoor lifestyle.

Mountains, Tracks & Trails, Panoramic Views, Rivers, Food, Shopping. These are only some of the things Tauranga has on offer. Unique Experiences await all people of all ages. Begin to create memories worth cherishing.

Tauranga Memorial Park
The cities premier park... Tauranga Memorial Park Tauranga Memorial Park is the city's premier park. Sitting next to the harbour, Memorial Park features two very popular playgrounds, a water fountain, skate ramp (half pipe), mini putt and a miniature railway ...
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Te Puna Quarry Park, Tauranga
Te Puna Quarry Park in Tauranga Tauranga brings to you Te Puna Quarry Park. An absolutely beautiful park that has been developed by a dedicated band of volunteers from a disused quarry into a world class park. A place of ...
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McLaren Falls Park, Tauranga
The widely popular McLaren Falls Park McLaren Falls Park is one of Tauranga's most treasured spots. A 190 hectre parkland situated alongside Lake McLaren. A wonderfully popular place where people can simply relax and enjoy themselves. Here at McLaren Falls ...
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Kaiate Falls Walk in Welcome Bay, Tauranga
Kaiate Falls walk and waterfall in Welcome Bay, Tauranga Kaiate Falls walk and waterfall, also known as Te Rerekawau Falls, is a pair of impressive waterfalls with one being a three-tiered upper series followed by an attractive plunge of the ...
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Tauranga Night Market
The best food market... The Tauranga Night Market Tauranga Night Market at Bayfair, Mount Maunganui, is Tauranga's first permanent Night Market. This night market features up to 150 stalls, offering a huge variety of delicious foods from all over the ...
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Tauranga New Zealand invites you to dine, shop, discover the truly fascinating culture and history. Whether you wish you explore or not, there is always the option to simply relax on the green grass, or the beaches under clear blue skies… Tauranga New Zealand is not only waiting but very warmly welcomes you.

Explore Tauranga New Zealand a little more.

Here are a few links to get you moving. These links are met with places in Tauranga where a little money has to be spent to enjoy what more is on offer in Tauranga New Zealand.

Tauranga Attractions & Activities

Take a look at what attractions and activities are worth paying a little something for. Here you’ll find plenty of unique experiences. These range from being out on the ocean – fishing, swimming with dolphins and more. How about on land? You’ll have paintball, pools, gold, mini putt, blo karts, cinemas and a whole lot more.

Top 10 In Tauranga

What are top 10 highest rated things to do in Tauranga? Here you’ll discover what the visitors think deserves a spot in the top 10. Nothing free in here, these are the top 10 attractions and activities where a little money is needed to create memories. Explore all the fun and excitement the top 10 in Tauranga can offer you.

Looking for a bite to eat? Lunch? Dinner? Look here.

Everyone needs to eat. We have here all those places you’ve dreamed about. Cafes and bakeries to restaurants and takeaways. Whether you are wanting to find a place for breakfast, lunch or dinner, here you’ll find all that and everything in between. Begin to enjoy the food in Tauranga as much as everyone else.

Need a place to stay? Take a look at what’s on offer.

Tauranga New Zealand has plenty of options to pick from when looking for a place to stay. We showcase some motels and hotels from all over Tauranga. There will be something here for everyone who wishes to have a good nights sleep. From Papamoa through to Mount Maunganui or Tauranga, find the place that will suit you best.

Tauranga New Zealand
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