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Fishing In Tauranga

Fishing In Tauranga

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018 at 08:25 am

Places worth fishing in Tauranga

Tauranga offers multiple areas for the public to freely fish. Fishing In Tauranga comes easily as there is plenty of water about. Ranging from rivers, surfcasting, fishing off the rocks or heading out to sea on the boat or simply in the harbour.

Tauranga Bridge Marina

If you love going for a fish and want to take the kids out, Tauranga Marina is a great place. Parking in the Marina car park, you can walk out onto the public fishing pontoon. Here you can walk out right along and pick a spot that is most comfortable for you.

Plummers Point

Plummers Point Road, Whakamarmara, is a small wharf upon which you can fish. As you head down Plummers Point Road, there is a gravel track which you can drive along reaching the wharf. While not the best fishing experience, it still provides an outing. A lot of eels are caught here.

Marine Park Boat Ramp

People often come here and fish of one of the boat ramps. You can cast out into the channel and here are able to catch kahawai, yellow eyed mullet and perhaps the odd kingfish that swims through.

Sulphur Point Rocks

Down further from the Marine Park heading towards Sulphur Point, is a left turn off where you will come across a carpark area. To the right is a track you can walk along until you reach the rocks. Here you can fish off into the channel. Fish here include kahawai, snapper and kingfish.

Train Bridge Otumoetai

Fishing off the shore near the Otumoetai train bridge is a great place to cast your line. Just before high tide or as the tide is going out is best. Cast out into the channel and test your luck at trying to catch kahawai’s, kingfish and snapper. You may also catch here yellow eyed mullet.

Wairoa River

If you like and enjoy river fishing, Wairoa river is a place where you can try your luck. Park along side the river and find a posse or take a kayak and head out onto the water to see what you can catch.

Mouth Of Kopurererua Stream

At the mouth here of Kopurererua stream, you can spin out a hand-line or a small rod where you can try your luck. Here you are most likely to catch yellow eyed mullet.

Looking for more places to fish in Tauranga? Check out both Mount Maunganui and Papamoa below.

Papamoa offers a wonderful beach to fish off

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Fishing In Tauranga
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