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Month: November 2017


Otanewainuku Forest in Tauranga

Otanewainuku Forest Otanewainuku is 1200 hectares of unlogged forest that has been left alone to become a stunningly beautiful place. Visitors are treated to some of the most splendid examples of native flora including giant Rimu trees. Otanewainuku Forest is home to a variety of native birds, which have been carefully nurtured under the watchful […]

Kopurererua Valley Reserve

Kopurererua Valley Reserve in Tauranga

Kopurererua Valley Reserve and Walkway – A natural wetland in Tauranga   Kopurererua Valley Reserve is a natural urban wetland, being one of the largest in Australasia. This wonderful reserve features a variety of different experiences to cherish. Perfect for both young and old to spend some time going for a lovely along the walkway/cycleway. […]