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Looking for free things to do in Tauranga? Here you’ll find plenty of Attractions and Activities that make this city such a beautiful place. As one of New Zealand’s sunniest cities, Tauranga Weather tempts you with outdoor fun. With such an abundance of things to do, creating memories come easily.

Visit Mount Maunganui and walk around or up Mauao. Experience the beautiful panoramic views on offer at the summit. Stroll along Pilot Bay or stop and have a picnic as you overlook the harbour, where cruise ships come and go. View shipping vessels pass by heading towards the largest port in NZ. Or soak up the sun at Mount Maunganui Beach, voted most popular in New Zealand.

Papamoa also offers a variety of Attractions. Becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination, visit and discover what the hype is all about. For a different take on this beautiful city, walk up Papamoa Hills and view the stunning scenery on offer in the Bay. Or take a swim at Papamoa Beach and walk along the beautiful coastline. If you like to shop, Fashion Island hosts a variety of retail outlets. As does Papamoa Plaza.

Finding things to do in Tauranga here comes easily. Where the weather is great, this city brings forth for your enjoyment, more than you can imagine. Unbelievable panoramic views. Islands, walks and waterfalls and a stunning array of beautiful parks. McLaren Falls, Kulim Park and Te Puna Quarry Park just to name a few.

If you enjoy fishing, there are plenty of land-based fishing spots here in the Bay. Keep up to date with the local tides, have fun and catch yourself some dinner. Matakana, Mt Maunganui and Papamoa offer multiple spots to fish.

Want to know what’s on in Tauranga? Find out here and keep up to date with the local news and events.

Discover, experience and take home with you memories worth cherishing. Find here plenty of things to do in Tauranga, take a look around and discover what tempts you the most.

Also, special thanks to the Tauranga City Council for up keeping a lot of these wonderful attractions and activities for us all to enjoy.

Things To Do In Tauranga
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Things to do in Tauranga


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